Friday, February 8, 2019

Impediment to the action advances action


Many a times we hear that ups and downs are part of professional as well as personal life. Even if the ECG is in a straight line then you are dead. All these things are true and have been attracting many people since many years. But what attracted the most successful people is Stoic Philosophy.  It is the Philosophy which was coined or founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd Century. There are a lot of things which can be achieved by following this Philosophy. Today we will talk about the first terminology of this Philosophy and that says, “Impediment to the action advances action.”

      In the journey of our professional life, we face many twists and turns. Many of us quit, while many of us fight in such situations. But if you concentrate on minute things, you will realize that whichever twists and turns have arose while achieving something, you have always tried a lot to find a way out. Even if you quit, you tried a whole lot of things before quitting. Those impediments in the way of your career have taught you actually how to act rather we can say; these impediments initiated another action which led you to the point of success, where you are today.

    Many a times you must have felt like everything has stopped working, the world around you has just stopped moving and you have nothing left in your hands. You must have felt sometime in your life that everything was wonderful yesterday and today everything has just changed a lot. That time just take a deep breath and make yourself understand that this is the warm up session for next big achievement in your life.

   When something goes wrong believe that, this situation is going to benefit you in a long run. The moment of impediments teaches you many things like, patience, focus and determination. When you have trust in the efforts you are taking, nothing can stop you. When you feed your subconscious mind with such optimism, what stands in your way becomes the way. You just have to keep moving forward, though you are moving slowly. Your speed doesn’t matter, but the action does! Have the determination of achieving goals in life. Start your journey towards success slowly but surely!

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