Friday, February 15, 2019

Importance of practicing empathy in life

Our Indian philosophy is very rich in terms of the deep knowledge that it provides. It talks about the “Advaita” which means to identify and understand the self-worth with the ground reality of life. Even though it talks about Advaita that is self-worth but it gladly offers us the importance of practicing empathy in life.  We Indians are strong followers of empathy.
What is the difference between empathy and sympathy? Sympathy is something which we show to another person when he or she is going through any difficult situation. It is the way to make that person understand that he or she is not alone and we all are there for him or her and feel bad for his or her situation.
But empathy is totally a different thing and we should know what it is exactly before practicing it in life. Empathy is to feel, to understand and to know the situation of another person by stepping into their shoes.  Empathy is truly an amazing ability to understand the feelings of another person.

Do you know that there are three kinds of empathy in Psychology? So, when we talk about empathy we actually talk about three things at the same time.

1. Cognitive empathy
2. Social empathy
3. Empathetic concern

These three areas are really important and each one of them has something to offer to a sensitive mind.
Empathy has the power to heal another person’s wound. Empathy is a tender way to deal with the people who are at their worse stage of life. When you try this therapy, you would realize that you are working as a healer for that person. It is very soothing feeling to know that you are the source of healing for someone. For this, you don’t need to have money or asset, you just have to have a caring heart and pure soul, which everyone has and just needs to improve this ability by allowing themselves to be genuine in life. After all, the one who can heal the world has the power to change it.

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