Thursday, January 31, 2019

Keep the wicked feelings away

 मना सांग पां रावणा काय जाले।
अकस्मात ते राज्य सर्वै बुडाले॥
म्हणोनी कुडी वासना सांड वेगीं।
बळे लागला काळ हा पाठिलागी ॥१३॥

As we have accepted that our mind is like a child, hence we need to know that we should teach our mind by giving it examples to make it understand the concepts we are trying to teach it. Samarth knew it that our mind is a speedy child and we need to make it understand how to be on the right track. 
    Here’s in his 13thShloka, Samarth Ramdas Swami asks mind to stay away from the wicked feelings and nasty thoughts. The reason behind giving this suggestion is very clear that these feelings or thought process can destroy us. These things first destroy our mental peace and then destroy our happiness.
     To describe this concept, Samarth Ramdas Swami gives us an example of Ravana. He describes Ravana’s life in one shloka. Ravana was a great knowledgeable king of Lanka. He worshiped Shiva and gained some powers. Due to this, he used to behave wickedly and used to use his powers for destroying people’s lives. He made use of his powers for invalid reasons. Samarth warns mind by saying that look at Ravana, he misused his powers and you see what happened with him. Everything what he had was suddenly vanished.
    To avoid this type of incidences in your life, keep those wicked feelings away. Make your mind pure to accept the fact. Make yourself ready to accept the good. For that you need to keep your mind free for good things. When you open the doors of your mind, open them for welcoming positivity, happiness and gratitude. This is what Ramdas Swami says in this Shloka.

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